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I never thought that one day I would say I am grateful for the challenges I have endured in my life.  In my early thirties I spent my time waiting for something to improve my life situation.  And then, one day with the final diagnosis of a doctor, waiting was no longer an option. My life would only improve if I chose to become the victor and not the victim. The news was so devastating, and I didn’t believe I had any choices. I sank into a deep depression.  But life goes on, and who wants to spend their life sinking deeper and deeper?  Life is far too precious for that. I was forced to look for answers where I never would have expected to find them. I knew only I could make the difference in my life, and I must admit that initially I didn’t feel up for that challenge.  But, now, looking back, I realize that every adversity forged me…every adversity created circumstances I had to respond to and with every one I became stronger and more confident. When you begin to think differently about the adversity in your life, and truly believe that each and every challenge is a chance to grow and not your personal failure, life really does  become more exciting.