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I purchased an on-demand hot water heater about two years ago. It cost a fair amount, but I was confident it would last a long time and would be well worth the investment.  I had just finished my workout one cold New England morning, and  after hurrying upstairs I turned on the shower to find there was no hot water. I assumed it would be an easy fix. Boy, was I wrong…

There was an error code on the heater.  I looked it up online and found it meant the heat exchanger was blown.  Immediately I called the plumber who had recommended and installed it.  No answer…….

No answer the next morning.

No answer the next afternoon.

That feel of desperation was beginning to take hold. The last time the plumber had come by in the summer, he told me the company had gone out of business, but if the unit broke, they were paying for new units to be installed. With no one picking up the phone, it was time to find someone else. I called another plumber who did provide emergency service – HALLELUJAH – now it was only a matter of hours before I had my hot water back.  WRONG   The unit was “toast” and what was worse was that the company who wasn’t answering phone calls, had moved out of the country and according to this plumber, was no longer replacing the broken units. This plumber had called all the people who had had the unit installed and told them about the “problem” with the unit. He called the company before they left the country and got them to replace the unit with an on demand hot water heater the plumber felt was best, not the one the company was willing to provide.  I wasn’t part of that group.

I have to admit I was UPSET. No hot water. No warranty. AND I’d need to pay for another water heater. I spent a day totally inconsolable. The next day, I woke up and began to think about how grateful I should be for what we call “the little things”…which aren’t so little when they’re taken away. Things like hot water, or even water, electricity, when you get in the car and turn the key and it works! It’s easy to be grateful when everything is going well. So today I went about my business with a big smile on my face, taking note of “the little things” and how grateful I was. My mood changed instantly!